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Would you be interested in contributing to Nonprofit Website Review with your articles and/or videos? Each issue will feature material from several authors. Each contributor will be provided space for a photo, a short bio and a link at the end of the article back to a website or social media platform of their choice.

We offer an excellent opportunity for you to gain additional exposure to a very targeted audience interested in using all aspects of website and app technology to advance their nonprofit organization. If you would like to expand your readership by contributing one of your previous blog posts or an original article relevant to using website or app technology for nonprofits, please contact us using our Contact form.

There is so much information out on the Web when it comes to the world of technology. All the advice, case studies, product reviews, social media, communication tools, fundraising software, etc., can be a bit over-whelming. Our aim is to create an English language digital magazine that reduces all the noise and provides the best information on how nonprofit organizations can expand public awareness, raise more funds and build their community using the latest in website and app design and development techniques.

Our main areas of interest are articles on the subjects of:

  • Interviews with Professionals Who Provide Web-related Services to Nonprofits
  • Website Design Trends Influencing Nonprofits
  • Creating Useful Apps for Nonprofits
  • Nonprofit Website Design Techniques
  • Reviews of Products Related to Nonprofit Websites
  • Free Online Resources for Nonprofit Website Development
  • Innovative Email and Online Fundraising Systems
  • Notice of Upcoming Nonprofit Technology Conferences and Webinars

We want to work with you to help you expand the distribution of your content to more people in our community. Please Contact us.