App Support

Having trouble receiving or viewing Nonprofit Website & App Review on your tablet or phone? Check out the following solutions:

Q: My app is crashing.

A: The magazine app for Nonprofit Website & App Review that you downloaded has been repeatedly successfully tested. Most likely the crash you are experiencing is caused by something specific on your tablet or phone. If you are using an ios device, the first thing you need to do make sure you are following Apple’s troubleshooting steps. See those steps here:

Q: I downloaded your app and subscribed to Nonprofit Website & App Review but I still sees the yellow subscribe button and no issue was downloaded.

A: This is something that can happen due to a connection error between the device and the app servers. If this happens please perform the following steps:

1. Fully close the magazine, Nonprofit Website & App Review.

2. Tap on the device home button to ensure you have exited the magazine.

3. Double tap the home button. All the opened apps will appear at the bottom of your device.

4. For ios devices, make sure you are logged in with the same Apple id that you used to subscribe to Nonprofit Website & App Review. To do this, tap on the Settings app, scroll down and tap on the store app, double check that the same Apple ID is being used. If not, sign out and sign in with the correct Apple ID

5. Go to the Newsstand App and tap on the app, Nonprofit Website & App Review to relaunch it. The splash page will appear and then the magazine home screen will show. The page should be updated and now the yellow subscribe button would have been replaced with a grey Restore button.

6. Restore all purchases. Tap on the restore button if desired to redownload all previously purchased magazine issues.

Q: How do I cancel my free subscription to Nonprofit Website & App Review?

A: For ios devices, here are the steps:

1. Tap on Settings App.

2. Scroll and Tap on Store.

3. Scroll down and Tap on your Apple ID.

4. Tap on “View Apple ID”.

5. Enter your Password.

6. Scroll Down and Tap on Manage in the Subscriptions Section. You will see your magazine subscriptions.

7. Tap on the one you want to cancel. Your Current Subscription details will be shown.

8. Turn auto-renewal to OFF

Q: How do Special Issues Work?

A: Special Issues are different in the sense that they are not part of the magazine subscription. They are independent special issues. Special Issues are either free or at a special price. You will need to Select or Buy it to read the Special Issue, including regular subscribers. Special issues will have a red “Special” sash and will appear below the top section in your magazine home screen.

Q: Are new issues delivered automatically?

A: For ios devices, new issues should automatically arrive onto your iPad or iPhone. However, sometimes a person’s device can drop our push notification connection. What you can do is:

1. Turn off wifi.

2. Turn on Airplane mode, then reconnect to wifi.

If you find that doesn’t work, try to connect to another wifi network for a while and then switch back to your wifi. Restarting your iPad or iPhone can also sometimes help solve this problem.

Q: Is there a different version of Nonprofit Website & App Review for the iPhone?

A: Yes, there is only a version designed for the smaller screen that is ideal for viewing on your iPhone. There is a separate version designed for tablets. When you have the publication open, you can switch between the iPhone version and the iPad version.

Q: On my ios device I am getting the message: “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” when I click on the subscribe button or buy button.

A: This can happen in the following situations: You do not have wifi or internet access, or you have “Restrictions ON” to prevent others from making purchases on your device. Restrictions are located on the general settings and should be disabled to allow inApp purchases.

Q: I am having other problems not listed here, what can I do?

A: We want to help. Please use our Contact form to provide us details on the exact problem you are experiencing with receiving or viewing Nonprofit Website & App Review. We will get back to you with specific instructions.